High Definition Porn Movie General Information
  • HD Porn Movie files are offered in: Big (1280x720p), Medium (856x480p) Windows Media format. Please be certain you have the latest version of Windows Media Player to prevent codec errors.

  • Click Here for special System Requirement note about playing "Big" 1280x720p files below.

  • Below are full sized examples to demonstrate our adult HD format video sizes. Multiple sizes are offered in efforts to aid downloads for all connection speeds. Special System Requirements are necessary to view 1280x720p movies properly on your PC, refer to minimum PC configuration below before download.

  • To maintain the highest possible quality our High Definition footage is end to end digital data shot by us with our own equipment, it is never upconverted. Data rates start at 3Mbps in efforts to support the majority of current broadband providers. There is minimal compression enabling most broadband surfers to download our enormous video files as quickly as possible, however the quality and clarity is some of the best currently available online.

  • Refer to our Customer Support Page for info on how to connect your PC to your wide screen television and view our crystal clear High Definition Porn Movies in their Larger-Than-Life glory!

Medium - 480px856
HD Porn - High Definition Porn Movies

Big - 720px1280

Minimum PC Configuration:
  • 2.4 GHz processor or better
  • 384 MB of RAM or higher
  • 64 MB video card minimum
  • 1024 x 768 minimum screen resolution
  • 16 bit sound card

    If the video appears choppy or stops and starts, your system may be under equipped to handle and process the size of the file. The majority of users will enjoy the "medium" size movie files, though our "medium" is virtually full screen! (The "big" files are enormous and geared for watching on your widescreen television set.) You may need to upgrade your computer system or it's components, the most common upgrades required would be RAM and/or graphics card.
    HD Porn - High Definition Porn Movies

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